Payment Terms: Via BTC      Via LTC     Via Bank Transfer
Order Items: A5 Miner        A5 Miner(with 220V PSU)        A5 Miner(with 110V PSU)
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 ( MOQ 5 unit)
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Delivery Method: Freight Forwarder      Pick Up in Hong Kong
Total Price:  (Total pirce for machine+Shipping fee, now offering discount)

Special Notes:

1. Order cancellation and refund request are not accepted for this batch. Buyer’s discretion is advised.

2. If you decide to pay for your order with BTC or LTC, please know the following: if coin price drops vs dollars after the payment, we don't ask you to pay more. Vice versa, if coin price rises after the payment, please don't ask us for coin refund.

3. Please make sure to provide the correct address for delivery before you submit your order. Because the shipping address cannot be changed after the order has been submitted for this batch.